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2024 Fundraising Campaign

Thank you for being here! Your care and support means a lot to our refugee students!

Previous Achievements

With the support and generosity of donors like you, Education 4all was able to transform from a simple initiative run by refugee youth to a virtual educational program providing free education to more than 70 refugee students and is continuously growing. Education 4all is now run by a wide range of staff from various parts of the world all working towards one goal; providing education to a neglected and marginalized population of refugees.

In the past 2 years and with your help, Education 4all was able to achieve the following:

  • Transform management of more than 25 classes to a professional learning management system.
  • Provide training and technical support to volunteer teachers and students.
  • Purchase and develop curriculums in English, math, science and social studies for primary, middle and secondary levels.
  • Establish the Reading Program to combat high illiteracy rates among refugee children.
  • Pay for GED pre-tests and final exams for our GED students to achieve GED diploma.
  • Implement professional management standards and lay foundations for further development as an organization.
  • Pay allowances for more than 10 refugee teachers and staff.
  • Create an online presence with the website and social media outlets.
  • Run classes for 40 weeks per school year.

How You Can Further Help

With your continuous support and generosity, Education 4all will continue to strive to provide the following:

  • Pay allowances for refugee volunteers.
  • Pay for GED courses and GED exams for our students.
  • Pay for other GED pre-tests and final exams for secondary students by the end of 2024.
  • Support refugee students and volunteers by providing and maintaining devices so they can conduct their duties.
  • Provide a complete science curriculum for middle levels. As of now, only one middle level has a science class. The curriculum is still under trial and the intend is to purchase a complete science curriculum for the school year of 2025.
  • Continue to have an online presence by fulfilling the expenses of website hosting and development.

See below for further details regarding our 2024 annual budget:

General Educational Development Program (GED)

4All's GED students taking their practice exam

The GED diploma is equivalent to a high school diploma. It demonstrates that the student has passed four high school equivalency exams and possesses the same knowledge as a typical high school graduate. It enables students to either start a career, attend college, or enter the industry. 

In 2021, we implemented the GED program to prepare our students to obtain this certification. It is considered their only chance to acquire a recognized credential that would enable them to continue their post secondary studies.


When I saw the teachers and how they're excited to teach us and improve our knowledge to get the GED diploma, I felt I'm in the right place and I will be able to achieve my dream to enroll at one of the best universities one day.
Zainab Ali
Age 17
Before taking the classes with Education4All, all I did was wasting time on things that were not gonna help me in the future, but after that, I started to think about my future more, and for now my goal is to finish my GED so I can get the certificate.
Anqaa Badiea
Age 22

Why We Pay Our Refugee Volunteers

Education 4all depends on 100% volunteerism. This means that the nature of work and commitment by volunteers is different from that of contracted jobs. Most Education 4all volunteers are hardworking individuals from different parts of the world who give their best efforts and have volunteered with us for years. 

Some of our volunteers are refugees themselves who are living in Indonesia. These refugee volunteers often have a deeper understanding and awareness of the dire need of students and their families, resulting in a very high commitment to contribute, providing stability and consistency to Education 4all programs.

Education 4all is committed to refugee volunteers just as they are committed to us. As such, we find it necessary to give them a small monthly allowance to help with their internet bill and other small personal expenses.