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Our Founding Story

In 2020, we started an in-person program that offers English and math classes at the primary and secondary levels after we saw the need for learning centers. However, just as we were about to start registering students for our program in Jakarta, the covid-19 pandemic struck, forcing us to shut down before we had even begun. 

Since we were unable to begin our in-person classes, we decided in June 2020 to switch it to an online program. Taking into account our students’ access to resources, we began our lessons by using simple tools such as WhatsApp and Zoom meetings. As our program developed, we were able to integrate more platforms like Google Classrooms and launch a GED program to encourage our students to have a formalized educational equivalency.

Our Founders

Mohammed Habib

Mohammed Habib is an Eritrean refugee and has a Bachelor’s degree in IT. He was formerly an Executive Assistant in a contracting company. He co-Founded the 4All Online Learning Program believing that education empowers refugees and creates leaders of the future.

Faiza Faloul

Faiza Faloul is an Eritrean refugee and has a degree in business. She co-founded Education 4All in order to help the refugee community and to challenge the status quo.

With her many responsibilities, she manages to stay committed and on top of her work.

Our Vision