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Paving a Way: Assel’s Story

Learn more about Assel, another one of our dedicated GED students. She was among the first students to sign up for Education4All when we launched it in 2020. Assel started studying English and other courses with the few other students present at the time, despite our rocky beginnings. She is still working hard to complete Science, Math, and other subjects after enrolling in the GED program. Assel studies for almost 7 hours a day to prepare for her GED exams. Her diligence pushed us to ask her what the thing is that keeps her going . Upon hearing this question, she replied:

“My motivation to learn is to make my family proud. My father brought us here to see us in a better place. I want him to be proud of me. I do not want to put in all of this effort and then disappoint him. “I want to do this for my father.”

Her Challenges

When the teachers told her she was going to take the pre-test, Assel was a bit overwhelmed. Her fear of failing the exam held her back from pursuing her dream, which was to complete her high school diploma. However, her mother was by her side and gave her a push to try, even with the possibility that she might fail. Her family assured her that they would be there for her if she was upset or disappointed about her grades or progress.

“What keeps me going is my family’s constant assurance that they have trust in me that I will be able to do it.”

Picture of Assel

Her Perseverance

It is worth noting that Assel had never previously studied math or other subjects in English. So she puts in a lot of effort to learn English and takes other English courses to be able to succeed in her GED tests. She continues to inspire other young students to continue pursuing what they want despite their weakness in a language.

“Never stop trying or giving up on an opportunity if you have a difficulty in language, subject, or skill. At the beginning, you will face many obstacles and difficulties, but it will get easier as you keep going on your journey.”


In that regard, we would like to emphasize how some refugees may face difficulties due to the limited chances for formal schooling or other limitations like language. As a result, the presence of a support system is critical since it assists individuals in overcoming hurdles.

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